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Joan’s Choir Music Pages – Resources for the gospel choir and choir directors

Helping gospel choirs to be the best they can be

I’ve been singing in, playing for, directing, and writing music for gospel choirs all my life. I live in Los Angeles.These pages are full of resources to help gospel choirs and choir directors achieve excellence in their ministry. We talk about how to teach different types of gospel choirs, how to choose the best songs for any occasion or purpose, and how to get the best out of your choir.Singing in choirs and directing choirs are among the greatest joys in my life. I want to do all I can to support the ministry of the gospel choir everywhere. I hope that these web pages can be useful to you in helping you develop in whatever part of the music ministry God has given you. To join the mailing list for my monthly ChoirParts newsletter, click here: SUBSCRIBE
Be sure to check out, practice tracks that you can download for your choir.

Our music is special!

There’s nothing else like the uplifting sound of gospel choir singing. The sound of voices lifted in praise can inspire feelings of joy and wonder, devotion and determination in our hearts. Even non-Christians are moved by the beauty and power of what the gospel choir offers.

The only thing better than listening to a gospel choir is being a part of the choir yourself. We minister to ourselves first, and then to the rest of the world.


The reason why we sing – Understanding the ministry of gospel choir singing

Hurso Ethiopia Choir, 2003.  Photo by Sergeant Bradley Shaver at Wikimedia Commons

Hurso Ethiopia Choir, 2003. Photo by Sergeant Bradley Shaver at Wikimedia Commons

Remember this: Praising God through music is something that we are commanded to do in God’s word. Don’t let anyone call the music ministry trivial or unnecessary. It is something that we must do.

We are instructed in the scriptures to sing to God as a form of worship, and also to sing to our fellow men as a form of encouragement.

We should take our ministry seriously. Gospel singing should be done with both sincerity and skill. God and our brothers and sisters deserve nothing less.


What is the main thing you do involving gospel choir music?
How long have you been involved with gospel choir music?



  1. hi

    just got a promotion from lead vocalist to music director in my choir, kindly assist me with tips on voice training exercizes, breathe control and sustains and any other vital informatio that will be neccessary to assist me lead the choir to better performance


    1. Yes, I’m still around. I had a huge number of song orders leading into the Easter season, so I wasn’t able to put together newsletters for March/April, but I’m working on the May newsletter right now. God Bless.

  2. This is a great service you provide to music ministries! I do this myself, but for my on choirs (mass and youth choirs) and I think it helps them to master their parts quicker because they can practice it daily. It also helps when we go back to a previous song because they have the parts at home to review before rehearsal! Keep up the good work!

  3. This is an awesome place to learn. As a choir director, I endorse this site 100%. I appreciate that you are into to the development of leaders in music ministry and members alike. I share the same passion for excellence in this area. Blessings! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. So glad to have found this site!! I switched from soprano to alto and I am sure this site will assist me in being sure that I have the part down correctly! I will most certainly share with my choir members.

  5. Hello Joan, I have been listening to the sample of your arrangement of “Mary’s Boy Child” and wonder if the sheet music is available to buy.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, getting a license to make sheet music of a copyrighted song is more difficult and uncertain than getting a license for making audio recordings. So, at the present time, that arrangement is only available in audio form.

  6. Thank you for this website. I am not a musician, however I am the choir director. These choir parts help me greatly. I am wondering about the paypal. It comes up in what looks like Japanese and because I cannot read it, I end up canceling more often than not. Why does it not communicate in English.

    1. I’m not sure why it would be showing a different language to you. Perhaps there is something going on with your browser settings? Try just going directly to and using their “Help” feature.

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