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Easy-to-use rehearsal tracks for gospel choirs

ChoirParts.com is a service geared toward helping choir directors and singers.  We have individual practice tracks, in the form of downloadable mp3s, that you can purchase and use for learning parts. The focus is on gospel choir music, but we can do contemporary Christian music, hymns, classical choral music, and other styles upon request.


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Why I started ChoirParts.com

Why? To make life easier for choir directors!

Photo of a choir

Most gospel choirs learn their music completely by ear.  Every part has to be repeated until it is memorized.  In the early days of gospel music, this was easy to do; the melodies and harmonies of the songs tended to be simple. Once you heard the soprano part, you could usually figure out the alto part and the tenor part without being told. I remember hearing many choir directors say, “Altos, you should know your part already,” after they had taught the soprano part.

But as gospel music has grown in scope and complexity, choir members often have to learn more intricate harmonies, counterpoints and rhythms.  Altos and tenors are not always able to figure out their parts by intuition after hearing the main melody.  This puts a burden on choir directors to work out the choir parts for more complicated songs and communicate them to the choir in a way that they can understand and learn.

I’ve been a choir director for most of my life. I have worked with a lot of smaller gospel choirs and groups. Often the choir members had little experience with choir singing. For them to learn choir songs effectively they needed LOTS of repetition and practice — above and beyond the time spent in rehearsal.

So I started making practice recordings for each choir member. I would make a recording of myself singing the soprano part, then one with the alto part, then one with the tenor part. I would pass out tapes (yes, tapes, it was that long ago!) to everybody and they would listen to them on their own time and sing along. Many of the choir members found these practice recordings to be extremely helpful.

(I didn’t know back then that it was a copyright violation for me to be making those recordings without getting a license from the publisher. I thought that since I was giving them away for free, it was OK. Lord help me. Now I know better.)

I discovered soon that even with a more experienced choir, the rehearsal tracks could make it possible for them to learn songs that might otherwise seem to be “too hard”. Even a complicated part can be learned when you can hear it in isolation and practice singing it over and over.

So now I’m making recordings like this (mp3s instead of tapes!) that can be purchased and downloaded by anyone, at ChoirParts.com.


Here’s an example of what the practice tracks are like

using “Total Praise” (Richard Smallwood)

This playlist contains short excerpts from four mp3 files that are featured at ChoirParts.com.

First you’ll hear the track that has all three choir parts combined, then you’ll hear the soprano part, the alto part, and finally the tenor part.

The full-length versions of all these are available for purchase.


These are the categories of songs that we have practice parts for on ChoirParts.com.

Click on a category to see the entire list of songs:


Gospel songs


Contemporary Choral Music


Jazz Gospel Vocals

We only have two so far, but we can do others on request if you have the sheet music.

Christmas music for choir

Easter music for choir

Special occasion songs

Classical choral music



Tell us what song you want and we’ll make choir parts tracks for you!

Here are the details.


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