Newsletter – June 2013

Hi, everybody!

Hope everybody is doing well and feeling well as we head into summer.
This month’s article: How to get better at picking out choir parts

People ask me from time to time how to get better at listening to choir music and discerning the individual parts. Obviously, it takes practice, but what kind of practice? I wrote a blog post with some ideas for how to work on this – Learning how to hear choir parts.


Q & A: I want to get started directing, but I don’t have a choir!

Some people get drafted into being choir directors, but others of us know that the call direct has been put on us before we have a choir to work with. Someone asked me for ideas about how they could break into directing, and I gave the following reply – If you’re feeling the calling to direct choirs . . .


Choir calendar: June 2013

So what’s coming up in June?

  • Father’s Day, of course! It’s on the 16th this year.
    • Think about songs to encourage and strengthen the men of your church (like maybe “Hold Up the Light” by the New Jersey Mass Choir or “Standing in the Gap” by Nicholas, both of which you can find here).
    • Or you can focus on songs that celebrate our heavenly Father, like “This Is My Father’s World” or other songs that talk about God’s leadership or His protection.
  • June is also a big time for weddings. I had a choir sing at my wedding, and I know of other people who have done the same. If you have ideas about good choir songs for weddings, drop them in the comments on this blog post – Anybody have a choir sing at their wedding?

There weren’t any new songs added to the catalog this month due to some technical issues, but the portion of the site where the existing music is is working just fine. Stay tuned for further developments.

Feel free to share any questions you have or tips that would be useful to others.  Also feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think would find it useful.  God Bless!


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