Perfect Praise

Written by Brenda Joyce Moore
Practice tracks are based on the recording by Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago.

Not familiar with this song? See if it’s on YouTube – Perfect Praise by Walt Whitman

3 parts — Soprano, Alto, Tenor

NOTE: In the final section of “Perfect Praise (How Excellent)”, there is one note in the Alto part that sounds “flat” to a lot of people, and some directors choose to teach it a different way than the way it is on the original recording.  We have it both ways so that directors can choose which version they want to give to their altos.

Here are previews of the two different version of the Alto part.  Version 1 is that portion of the alto line exactly the way it’s done on the Walt Whitman recording. If you want to do it that way, click on the “Perfect Praise (original)” category below. Version 2 is the way that a lot of directors teach it instead. If you prefer that version click on the “Perfect Praise (modified)” category below.

– Version 1: Alto preview (original version) –
– Version 2: Alto preview (modified version) –