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If your choir members need help studying their parts before rehearsal . . .

Or if there’s a song that you dream of doing with your choir, but the parts are a little tricky . . .

Or if you just want to save some time working out parts for choir songs . . . We can help!

We provide downloadable audio (MP3) files with individual parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and/or bass) for songs for your choir. The parts are sung, with the real words, by a real human being.

You get each part separated out from the others, to listen to over and over and memorize!

CHOIR DIRECTORS: Use us for yourself OR for your choir members.

Send us your song request, and we’ll record the choir parts and send them to you. When your rehearsal comes, you’ll be ready!

Choir members can download the tracks and keep on practicing even after rehearsal is over! Listen to the MP3s at home, in the car, wherever! The best way to learn choir parts is to hear them over and over. With, anytime can be practice time!

We hope that we can be a blessing and a help to choir and praise team ministries everywhere.

God bless you!