Make a Special Order

Make a Special Order

Our standard fee for a song order is $33.00 per song. Once we have confirmed your order and receive payment, we will work out the vocal parts and make mp3 files for each individual part.

We will have the song completed within 7 business days from the time that your payment is received (7 “business days” means that weekends and holidays don’t count). We give you the parts as downloadable mp3 files.  You will have legal authorization to make up to 25 total copies of the tracks to distribute to your choir members (that’s 25 copies overall, not 25 copies of each part).

If you need your music in a shorter time, you can request a rush order.  Rush orders are completed within 3 business days, and the charge for a rush order is $65.  During times that we have a lot of orders waiting, we might not be able to accept a rush order.

This is NOT an underground service! We pay fees and royalties to the publishers and songwriters for any song you purchase. Please keep the legality going by not making bootleg copies.

Ready to order?

Click here to email a request with the title of your song.

If the email link doesn’t work, just send an email to and let us know what song you want to order.

Thank you for your business!