PSALM 150 (Kurt Carr)

Written by Kurt Carr
Practice tracks are based on the transcription by Bruce Henderson and the recording by Kurt Carr.

Not familiar with this song? See if it’s on YouTube – Psalm 150 by Kurt Carr

NOTE: This song (“Psalm 150: Call to Worship”) is often played back to back with the next song on the Kurt Carr album (“Let Everything that Has Breath Praise”), but they are officially two separate songs. The practice tracks here are for the first song (the slow one) only. We also have practice tracks for the second song. You can get them here – “Let Everything that Has Breath Praise”

4 parts — Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. We also have an instrumental accompaniment track

– Combined parts preview – – Soprano preview – – Alto preview – – Tenor preview – – Bass preview – – Accompaniment track preview –

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