HALLELUJAH LORD (Sounds of Blackness - Easy 3-part version)

<span style="font-size:1.75em"HALLELUJAH LORD (Easy 3-part version)

Written by Carrie Harrington and Gary Hines
Practice tracks are based on the recording by Sounds of Blackness. This version has been adapted (arrangement by Joan Hall) and has three vocal parts instead of five. An instrumental accompaniment has been added to make up for the lack of a bass vocal.

This arrangement can be heard on YouTube — https://youtu.be/FRlmCQnaO-c

3 parts — Soprano, Alto, Tenor. There is also an accompaniment track with keyboard and drums.

– Combined parts preview –– Soprano part preview –– Alto part preview –– Tenor part preview –– Accompaniment track preview –

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